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Zala Wollf
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Zala Wollf (born 2137) was a pilot for Xios during the F9000 League. She is also known for her possible rivalry with the second pilot of Van-Über, Nami Mishima.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Zala Wollf joined Van-Über after being offered a place on the team's reserve list as third pilot behind Nami Mishima. She spent a number of months training with Mishima, whom she admitted, "...taught me everything I know about, well, many things." However, following an argument over a restaurant bill, Wollf was seen crying on a street corner, and the following day she left Van-Über and signed a contract with Xios International. She hasn't spoken to Mishima since then.

Gallery Edit


  • Judging by her appearance, Zala Wollf maybe more of a kind of vampire or werewolf rather than an actual human being.

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