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How to Unlock

Beat the Zala Wollf Challenge

The Xios SMF-X is a series of AG racing ships featured in Wipeout Fusion.


Strength in raw power and control make the Xios ships very desirable for F9000 pilots.

Technical DataEdit

Engine Technology: EonGenerator Series 900 with Dual Thrust Reheater
Stabilizers: Inverse-SuperConducter Magno-shielder V1.0 by Xios
Braking System: TX6 HyperSlam Anchor by HyperDrive Braking Co.
Weapon Control: Cyclone 2.0 by Cyclone Technology
Shield Control: HLD3K Molecular Vibrator by MV Research Lab

Performance SpecificationEdit

Top Speed: 1110km/h (690mph)
Acceleration (0-400km/h): 2.45s
Mass: 3000kg (6613lbs)
Lateral Stability: 13%
Weapon Power: 78gsu
Shield Power: 82gsu
Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.7x4.6x2.3m


Out of all the teams that competed in Wipeout Fusion, Xios appear to have a new design for each variant. The first version is somewhat flat with unusual wings on the sides; the second version has an aerodynamic bullet design; the third version has a flat, aerodynamic body that's significantly wider than most other craft; and the fourth is the most unusual of all with three silver, spaceship-like hulls.

These aerodynamics do wonders for the overall top speeds of the craft, with a strong weapon loadout because of Xios' previous operations as a weapons manufacturer. Overall, these place the SMF-X second behind the Piranha Swiftkiller as the best craft of the game, particularly Natasha Belmondo's craft.

This is one of two craft (the other being the Tigron BULL-666) which all stats can be upgraded one higher than the second pilot. This craft only sees the thrust, stability and shields miss out on Level 6.


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