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  • Wipeout (series) - The critically acclaimed, sci-fi racing series.
  • Games - List of all games in the Wipeout series.
  • Teams - List of all teams in the Wipeout series.
  • Weapons - Article of weapons and power-ups from the Wipeout series.
  • Game Modes - List of various game modes featured in the Wipeout series.
  • Tracks - List of all tracks featured in the Wipeout series.
  • Cheats - List of cheats for earlier Wipeout games.
  • Downloadable Content - List of additional contents for later Wipeout games.
  • Universe - Articles relating to the in-game universe of the Wipeout series.

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30 March 2017 - WipEout Omega Collection to be released on June 6th-7th

Sony has now officially announced that Wipeout Omega Collection will be released on June 6th for North America, and on June 7th for Europe.

Playstation Store pre-orders are now available, with all pre-orders to come with a dynamic theme for the PS4 and access to the returning Van-Über team.

WipEout Omega Collection - Release Date Trailer - PS401:14

WipEout Omega Collection - Release Date Trailer - PS4

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Guildelines for editing Wipeout Central

Just now, I have dealt with a editing conflict regarding the integrity of a couple of articles. In the process, I was referred to Wipeout Central's Guidelines.

Myself, I only had a quick look at these guidelines when I was admin and i had no trouble as most contributors have edited in good faith, or had a general understanding from experience. But after this recent issue I must stress that if you're new to this wiki, or editing wikis in general, read these guidelines first.

The guidelines are taken from Wikipedia, so they should be straightforward for anyone getting into wiki editing. I also will be a bit more active to make sure these guidelines are met. I'm pretty lenient when it comes to edits, but don't push it. Any issues will be sorted as soon as possible.

Anyways, happy editing!

Wipeout Central Administrator
11 June 2013

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