New Velocitar

LocationTexas, United States
Track MaterialUnknown

Velocitar is a track that appears in Wipeout 64. In contrast to the other tracks, this is the only original track made exclusively for the game.


Velocitar is relatively easy to navigate. The circuit starts off with two light turns to the right each with three speed pads to the left side, allowing for great speeds to be built up right out of the gate. Following that is a straightaway uphill that has an incredible concentration of speed pads on the left side of the track, leading blinding speeds for pilots that make use of them. This leads into a tunnel with even further speed pads. Out of the tunnel is a drop that curves to the right with even more large groups of speed pads on the way down. This turn will be tackled almost always midair (especially true for phantom class) as your ship will likely have gained so much speed that the sudden drop will leave you flying off the track. Once the downhill segment is over with, there is a straightaway leading into a jump, all along the way there are further speed pads. This jump leads into yet another straightaway, this time followed by a very sharp turn to the right. The turn is almost hairpin and has speed pads running into it, along it, and out of it, and will require breaking. This is the only challenging part of the track, and once mastered the circuit can become fairly simple. There is one more left turn afterwords that leads to the finish.

In-game textEdit

"It was always my dream to build an anti-gravity circuit on the moon. We worked like dogs, our most prized architects and mathematicians feeding me the formulae that were my life blood. But still, despite it all, we could not find a way. So I turned my attentions to the Lunar Simulation Environment in Texas, and after much labor, we devised a means of counteracting their complex gravity negation loop. We simply unplugged it. And now I live my dream through this fantasy. Velocitar, our fastest experimental circuit is housed there, reserved for only the finest pilots in the world." - Pierre Belmondo, founder of the F5000 Race Commission and anti-gravity pioneer


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