Van-Über ZR-320
Van-Über ZR-320
Van-Über ZR-320 Mk.2000





Top Speed




Brake Force


Lateral Stability


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Shield Power


The Van-Über ZR-320 is a series of AG racing ships featured in Wipeout Fusion.


Low mass frames give the Van-Uber ships great acceleration. Powerful Sirius IV weapons systems are employed. Poor shield technology.

Technical DataEdit

Engine Technology: ZE-7 Infinite-Ion Harnesser (Van-Über Racing)
Stabilizers: Q-Dimension V3.2 by Q-Systems (Finland)
Braking System: R-Drive-3 by Airflow Systems
Weapon Control: Sirius IV by A-Com Weapon Control Systems (South Africa)
Shield Control: Inverse Polarity Generator V1.2 by Simplex GmbH

Performance SpecificationEdit

Top Speed: 1049km/h (652mph)
Acceleration (0-400km/h): 1.5s
Mass: 997kg (2198lbs)
Lateral Stability: 9%
Weapon Power: 58gsu
Shield Power: 39gsu
Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.3x6x2.5m


Because the G-Tech REVVER is nowhere to being the former AG Systems in terms of stats, the Van-Über ZR-320 can be considered "the true AG Systems successor". The speed is on par with FEISAR, but has far superior thrust thanks to its extraordinary low mass frames. Quite surprisingly, its weapon power is very good for such a lightweight craft.

However, the craft's lightweight mass also makes it quite hard to control, despite efforts to improve this by improving the airbrakes. When turning, it seems that the craft is drifting. Also, the craft is really weak against the opposition's weaponry, so races where there is quite a lot of weapon use are definitely out of the question.

Whilst the shielding, stability, thrust and weapons can be modified to the same level, Songen Grey's craft speed and brakes can be modified to Level 5 along with the thrust.



  • The Mk.4000 and Mk.5000 were the only dual-hulled ships in the game to have both hulls connected by a "bridge" at the front. This feature was later carried over for the FX300 model.
  • The ZR-320 is one of two ships in the game to have weapon control hardware from A-Com Weapon Control Systems, the other being the Auricom T-808.

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