WipEout 2013 PSN Tournament My brother and I are such a big fan of wipeout! We love racing, zone battles, all the destruction and hardcore speed is just hours of fun! But we began thinking..what if...maybe..just maybe...we could set up some kind of tournament on PSN. I just got the idea a few days ago and any contribution of ideas would be very appreciated! So the way I'm thinking is we're going to set up teams. I know there are a max of eight players per race, so I'm thinking that each team will have four members. I'll probably have the races on a Saturday or Sunday though I don't know of the times. I'm thinking that I will make registry of people by their PSN names of who want to play and send them invites. Each event will probably consist of a tournament with 4 maps each with 5 laps. Please send me ideas and email me if you'd like to be a team leader or if you'd like to help moderate or even start up another league! Email me any questions @!

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