Unity Square is a race track located in Nova State City. It only appears in Wipeout 2048.


Unity Square is more of a New York-style environment. This track has many tricky turns that mostly cause your ship to scrape on walls. So, be cautious about turns, especially the S-curve. Two of the Skillcuts in this track are overpasses and need piloting skills to access them. These overpasses are normally the only ones to pull off barrel rolls and trail of Speed Pads.

Skillcut LocationsEdit

  • A lane way on the inner side of the open section near the end of the track. Leads into a short-cut so you can take the left right chicane more shallower.
  • A track above the previous skillcut. The ramp leading onto it is on the right after the tunnels.
  • The last skillcut is a ramp on the left before the last corner.


  • "Unity Square welcomes hi-speed drivers"
  • "Belmondo calls for standardization"
  • "Underground AG-Racing scene is no more"



  • The section run after the grass correspond with the right side of the tunnel where Subway pit is located.
  • The news reels in the commercial avenue before the starting grid refer to the ending of underground AG Racing with the inception of the AGRC. However, another from Belmondo states he wants to standarize these races. Also, another one shows that Unity Square welcomes the pilots.
    • Another one shows that two sponsors "Catoshi" and "Kandi Kane" are main sponsors from the AGRC from 2048.
    • An annoying part is the second skillcut where you can run into the sign.

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