Tigron BULL-666
Tigron BULL-666
Tigron BULL-666 v1.1





Top Speed




Brake Force


Lateral Stability


Weapon Power


Shield Power


How to Unlock

Beat the Sveta Kirovski Challenge

The Tigron BULL-666 is a series of AG racing ships featured in Wipeout Fusion.


Very fast ships, despite high mass frames. Considerable shield strength. Ideal for ramming strategies. Average weapon technology.

Technical DataEdit

Engine Technology: 320 Inverted Pulse RamJet
Stabilizers: PowerLev V5.2a by Stabilizing Systems Inc
Braking System: ShadowTorque Technology by Tigron
Weapon Control: Talon 9000 with J-Type Enhanced Selector
Shield Control: VanGuard by Sure Systems (USA)

Performance SpecificationEdit

Top Speed: 1108km/h (688mph)
Acceleration (0-400km/h): 2.0s
Mass: 4486kg (9900lbs)
Lateral Stability: 18%
Weapon Power: 97gsu
Shield Power: 68gsu
Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.6x5.2x2.6m


Although Tigron were one of the most ruthless teams in AG racing history, their craft was one of the most popular ones in Wipeout Fusion. The craft has got an impressive speed, handling, and shield, along with decent thrust and weapon power. Because of these stats, the craft requires pilots that are strong enough to control them and have an aggressive racing style, as seen in both their pilots.

This is one of two craft (the other being the Xios SMF-X series) which all stats can be upgraded one higher than the second pilot. This craft only sees the thrust and weapon strength miss out on Level 6.



  • The BULL-666 v1.1 was later reused as the base for the FX300 craft.
  • The craft's name contains the number "666", which is often said to be the Number of the Beast mentioned in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelations. The Piranha P.666 v.Prototype from the F5000 league also had 666 in its name. Added to that, Sveta Kirovski has 666 in her pilot ID.
  • The BULL-666's cockpit and nose section appear to have taken inspiration from the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 jet fighter, a Soviet-designed aircraft.

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