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New Terafumos

LocationUnknown construction site
Track MaterialUnknown

Terafumos is a track that appears in Wipeout 64. This track is a variation of Silverstream from Wipeout in that this track is a mirrored version of Silverstream minus a leg from each of the split tracks.


In-game textEdit

"Tera Incorporated, the premier heavy industrial construction specialists in the Global Health Organaization's 'High Pollutant' category, is delighted to be associated with F5000 Anti-Gravity Racing, the world's number one speed intensive sport. The company can confirm that after a lively and productive negotiating period, our largest current construction site will also house the Terafumos anti-gravity circuit, sure to become one of the most intense circuits in the race calendar. Tera Incorporated denies that the presence of its Chief Executive on the F5000 Sponsorship Committee has in any way influenced negotiations." - Official statement from the Public Relations division of Tera Incorporated


  • The logos of Wipeout pilots can be seen in this track's sidewall.


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