Talon's Junction

Talons Junction

Length5200 m
Track MaterialUnknown

Talon's Junction is a race track located in the Brecon Beacons of Wales. The track was first introduced in Wipeout Pulse, and also appeared as part of the Wipeout HD Fury expansion pack.


Talon's Juction was first used as a racetrack as a means of cashflow following a recent incident at this secretive energy plant. It is a very straightforward track with a few banked corners and a mag-strip loop called the Concordia Loop.

Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

The race came to this secretive energy park in the Brecon Beacons when public finances were withdrawn following the grey goo incident. Central to the 5.2 kilometre Talon's Junction circuit are the cathedral-like circuit breakers and the dynamic Concordia loop.

Black RunEdit

Hidden at the centre of a Welsh geo-park, Talon's Junction is a hive of government-unapproved activity. 5.2 kilometres of track pass through the clockworks and geometric portals of this dark energy research loop.

Wipeout HD FuryEdit

The 5.2 kilometre circuit careers through the classified MNT plant exposing the inner workings of this future industrial superstructure. Central to the Talon's Junction track is the dynamic spiral of Concordia Loop and the sinuous semi-transparent sections that reveal the complex architecture of this dark energy research centre.


Turing StraightsEdit

This is the main grid straight of the course. Possibly named after Alan Turing, the father of computer science and the inventor of the Turing machine.

Concordia LoopEdit

The main icon of the whole track, the Concordia Loop is a 360-degree loop located about halfway around the track. It's unknown what role it plays within the research centre, but with a structure like that, it must be a very important one.

Trinity StrataEdit

Just off a tacky S-section, Trinity Strata is possibly one of the circuit breakers located around the centre. The S-section nearby may seem tricky for an amateur, but once you've found the ideal line down the middle, it shouldn't be too much trouble...providing you don't hit a weapon.



  • This is the first racetrack (and the only so far) in the history of Wipeout to be based in the series' country of origin, the United Kingdom.
  • The track name is an allusion to Talon's Reach from Wipeout 2097.