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theres litrally no description, is this wipeout as in the videogame?

Hey guys, was hoping to contribute to these wikia. Already shaped up Zone and Zone Battle, planning on doing the other game modes soon as well as a Game Modes page. After that I will move on to weapons and speed pads.

If any comments on my actions, feel free to tell me.

-Shadow DR2

Moa Therma Category problems:

Good News - problems with Moa Therma fixed. It tuns out that it was (possibly) someone forgot to include the "</gallery>" tag to the gallery on the page. All I did was delete all the category duplicates on the source edit page, include the tag, and rewrite the category tag.

I'm really glad this is sorted! :)


WipEout Logos in wrong order Edit

I just noticed that,on the main page,the logos of WipEout 64 and wip3out are in the wrong order...

JonnydotB (talk) 13:45, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

Wipeout Wiki in SpanishEdit

Please, add it :p Ryo567 (talk) 16:36, September 16, 2014 (UTC)

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