Subway is a race track located in Nova State City. It only appears in Wipeout 2048.


Set in the metro system of Nova State City, this track brings the racers into an intense race on the railways of the train station, over and under. This track is pretty technical, with lots of turns to tackle, though there are only a few tight ones. You'll be surprised with the Hot Wheels-esque Mag-Strip twirl (the first Skillcut).

Skillcut LocationsEdit

  • After the second tunnel, veer right onto a ramp. This leads you to the much straighter E-Train tracks.


  • "Belmondo - 'City racing too dangerous' "
  • "Experts look into Mag-Strip energy regen"
  • "Fans ask - What is Project Altima?"
  • "Mag-Strip tech not safe, say officials"



  • The pit corresponds with the left side of the tunnel after the park zone of Unity Square.
  • The overground news reels refer to a Pierre Belmondo quote stating that city racing isn't safe. There are also rumors from fans about "Project Altima".
  • Other reels say there are scientists working in Mag-Strip energy regeneration and the fact they are dangerous. This might affect in the game's timeline with the addition of pit lanes and the exclusion of Mag-Strips until the F9000/FX400, when it might have reached a safer status.

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