Sol is a race track located in Nova State City. It only appears in Wipeout 2048.


Sol is the craziest track ever built! Twists and turns and stuff all in one building. This track runs high in the skies of Nova State City. Watch out, because there are barely any barrier walls, making the racers prone to falling down as they are more likely to happen to fly off the track. So take it easy and be careful, as the lack of barrier walls could lead you to the drop of doom.

Skillcut LocationsEdit

  • After the long first corner, veer left onto the first skillcut. Good opportunity to barrel roll at the end.
  • The second is after the first jump. Veer right so you can cut the wider right-hander.
  • The third is after the second jump, go left to cut the chicane. 4 rows of speed pads at the end.



  • This track is the predecessor of Sol 2 featured in the FX300 and FX350 Leagues.
    • Coincidentially, as the FX300 league is held almost 150 years after the AGRC, Sol 2 could be the 150th anniversary of the original Sol.
  • In Wipeout Omega Collection, due to the difficulties for some ships to navigate, this track can only be played in A or A+ speed classes for Racebox events.