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New Sokana

LocationUnknown volcano
Track MaterialUnknown

Sokana is a track that appears in Wipeout 64. This track is a variation of Korodera from Wipeout in that this track is a mirrored version of Korodera with a considerable amount of changes to the original track making the track faster.


In-game textEdit

"The Race Commission demanded an anti-gravity circuit through active volcanic territory and I had to get them a location. Remember, they're in competition with spectacular sports like Fire Ballet for Datacast bandwidth and they need serious background action. Sokana was ideal plenty of space for those famous speed curves. Seismic activity in the region is a problem, though we've never suffered fatalities amongst race crew or paying spectators. We lost a hospitality suite full of international dignitaries when a lava flow burst its channel, but I think they were mostly about to fall victim to revolution in any case." - Didier Maupassant, consultant volcanologist


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