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Modify the G-Tech REVVER to 75% completion

Roberto Sergio (born 2132) was a pilot for G-Tech during the F9000 League. Formerly of FEISAR, Sergio is a known fitness fanatic and possible womaniser as suggested from his prior relationships with several female pilots.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Roberto Sergio's fanatical fitness regime is known throughout the anti-grav community, and he is famed for a formidable facial strength which enables him to lift a small child simply by flexing his forehead. Previously a member of the FEISAR team, Sergio has been romantically linked with Pascale Rouser, Nami Mishima, Naomi Turner, and Natasha Belmondo. However, they have all poured scorn on him in public, complaining that he will never love anyone more than he loves himself.


  • Sergio is also a part-time singer-songwriter, with his song titled "I'm Tasty" already a hit in the underground scenes in San Francisco and Amsterdam and tipped for mainstream success. Although, the accompaning music video was under scrutiny by the Governmental Joy Reduction Forum because of scenes containing "general enjoyment" and "festive utterances".