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Qoron IV

New Qoron IV

LocationUnknown ocean
Track MaterialUnknown

Qoron IV is a track that appears in Wipeout 64. This track is a variation of Altima VII of Wipeout in that the track is mirrored and a few corners have been cut from the original Altima VII, so the track is considerably shorter. As with all the tracks of Wipeout 64, this track has a pit lane and also a longer Start Grid.


In-game textEdit

"The Race Commission approached us five years ago proposing an anti-gravity circuit down by our Qoron IV underwater research base. I couldn't believe what they were suggesting - I mean, just think about it. It's crazy. But they'd seen the small tunnel system we'd perfected, and they said pay for a big one. They wanted to build it well away from the base but that was no go. If they wanted our technology, we wanted the publicity. So we insisted they build it right by the base, and give it the same name too. Suckers." - Zeke Mael, Chief Executive Officer of Qoron Corp


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