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Qirex Prototype
Qirex Prototype





Ship Type



  • Able to shoot Miniguns that reload themselves by 10 rounds in every 3 seconds
  • Unable to pick any Weapons from Weapon Pads

How to Unlock

Reach Rank 30 and get at least PASS on the Empire Climb Combat Prototype Challenge

The Qirex Prototype is a ship featured in Wipeout 2048.


The team at Qirex stripped out the loading bays from their ship, replacing it with an experimental rack of 50-cal miniguns. While unable to pick up any other weapons, the Qirex Prototype carries enough ammo to last any type of event, making it one of the most deadly ships out there.


The Qirex Prototype is fitted with a pair of auto-reloading miniguns attached to its sides. While they function very similarly to Cannon, these miniguns are far more powerful, as a single magazine of 30 rounds is enough to destroy even the toughest ship on the grid! But there's another plus – this ship has the same turning radius as the AG Systems Fighter, and is as tough as the Auricom Fighter. Still, the Qirex Prototype is not without drawbacks, one of which is the inability pick-up anything from weapon pads. Besides, the miniguns' reloading mechanism leaves much to be desired, as it takes 3 seconds to recover a clip of 10 rounds, and absorbing all 30 rounds only restores approximately 20% of the ship's health. Thus, pilots must be careful and decide when to absorb the clip, so as to maintain this ship's health, otherwise it can take a long time to get it back.


  • To unlock the The Unlucky 7 trophy, use this ship to destroy all AI ships by yourself before crossing the finish line during a single event. It's highly recommended to attempt it in the very first event (Empire Climb Class C Race without weapons). Basically, all weapon pads are off, but not the Miniguns built onto the Qirex Prototype.
  • The Omega Collection reveals that Qirex Prototype has a Firepower stat of 50, similar to all Prototype class ships. Since the miniguns are so powerful and also the only weapon available to the ship, this stat appears to be completely irrelevant.

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