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Qirex Fighter
Qirex Fighter













How to Unlock

Get at least PASS on the Empire Climb Combat branch event in 2048 Season (Single Player Campaign)

The Qirex Fighter is a ship featured in Wipeout 2048. It is the most powerful ship in the game, with a perfect Firepower rating. As such, this ship is considered the most popular Fighter ship to use in the game.

Qirex's Prototype is based on this ship.


Combining solid and sturdy construction synonymous with Qirex with a heavy weapons loadout makes it one of the most dangerous ships currently in operation.


Thanks to its maxed out Firepower rating, the Qirex Fighter is the most frequently used Fighter ship, especially for Combat mode. It enables the ship to inflict damage against opponents more than any other ships do. Apart from this (and its considerable Health rating), this ship has a fair top speed, allowing you to catch up with the competition with relative ease. Even so, this ship also proves a challenge to control, as its Handling rating is typical of Fighter ships.


  • The Qirex Fighter is one of the three ships unlocked by passing certain events in Single Player Campaign, the others being the AG Systems Agility and the Pir-hana Speed.
  • This ship has a rather distorted, generic V8 muscle car engine sound as it accelerates, similar to the nature of other ships.
  • For some strange reason, if the Qirex Fighter has fired a pickup, black distorting fumes occasionally blast out of the exhaust, reducing your view.

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