Prototype Challenges are one of the unique event types in Wipeout 2048. It is an event where the player must Pass the event to unlock each of the teams' respective Prototype ship.


A Prototype Challenge node can be unlocked by ranking up, starting from Rank 10, then search for the hidden triangle-shaped node somewhere in the Single Player Campaign event select screen to access it. Each team has its own Prototype ship, meaning there are 5 events corresponding to their ship types. Each event has different modes and tracks:

Rank Name Track Event Type Speed Class Event Length Objectives
10 FEISAR Prototype Empire Climb Race A 10 Laps Finish at least 5th Finish 1st
20 Auricom Prototype Downtown Combat B 3 Minutes Score 50 Points Score 100 Points
26 AG Systems Prototype Rockway Stadium Race A 10 Laps Finish at least 2nd Finish 1st
30 Qirex Prototype Empire Climb Combat B 3 Minutes Score 50 Points Score 100 Points
50 Pir-hana Prototype Sol Time Trial A 2 Laps Beat 1:18 Beat 1:16

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