Platinum Rush

Platinumrush white

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Platinum Rush is a race track located in Greenland. The track made its sole appearance in Wipeout Pulse.


Platinum Rush is much similar to P-Mar Project from Wipeout 3 – it doesn't appear to be difficult at a first glance, but it will punish you hard later on. There are many 90-degree corners and after the one after the jump, the road narrows briefly before kicking you into a long hairpin and a final corner before the finish line.

The Black Run races on the track backwards (anti-clockwise). This means that the tough section of the track is already at the beginning of the lap. Travelling this very misleading circuit on a ship like Piranha or Triakis can be a real challenge. Don't race on this circuit until you're ready.

Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

The parks of Greenland were finally thawed out and preserved forever by a committee of philanthropists with utopian ambitions. This custom built 4.6 kilometre track provides a whirlwind tour through the ice-blue architecture and petrified trees of Platinum Rush.

Black RunEdit

The flawless curves of Platinum Rush mimic their surroundings, with sections of the 4.6k track flowing in step with the tree line, then turning to chase the overpass and monorail links to the eugenics centre.


  • This is the first track to be set in Greenland since the legendary Silverstream track from the original Wipeout.

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