Piranha Swiftkiller
Piranha SwiftKiller 4.2
Piranha Swiftkiller 4.2





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Brake Force


Lateral Stability


Weapon Power


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How to Unlock

Beat the Jann Shlaudecker Challenge

The Piranha SwiftKiller is a series of AG racing ships featured in Wipeout Fusion. It is notable for being the only craft in the entire game to modify all statistics to maximum.


Ultra low mass frames and QuadDrive Technology allow these ultimate AG ships to reach the highest speeds. Good stability and weapon strength.

Technical DataEdit

Engine Technology: QuadDrive using Overhead Thrust Refractors
Stabilizers: HFS-T Push-Pull Stabilizer
Braking System: G9 Air-Excluder with Retro-G Balancer
Weapon Control: Viper Military Controls WC-001
Shield Control: Viper Military Controls SC-003

Performance SpecificationEdit

Top Speed: 1114km/h (696mph)
Acceleration (0-400km/h): 1.8s
Mass: 1500kg (3307lbs)
Lateral Stability: 6%
Weapon Power: 80gsu
Shield Power: 48gsu
Dimensions (LxWxH): 13x5x2.9m


This craft harks back to the days of the stupendous P.666 v.Prototype, in it being the perfect AG racer of its time. It certainly seems that way with significantly superior thrust and stability, and its speed and weapon power that rivals quite a few of the top teams.

The only front that lets it down is the shielding. Unusually for a fully modified craft, neither one exceeds 100 collision points, making it quite fragile. The brake force is a similar problem, but unnecessary due to the craft's tight handling on its own.

Myima Tsarong's Swiftkiller is the only craft in the game that you could modify to maximum levels in all stats, whereas Jann Shlaudecker's craft can be modified all to Level 5, plus Level 6 thrust.


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