Piranha P.666 v.Prototype
Piranha F5000







Top Speed


Turning Ability


Shield Energy




How to Unlock

Win the Piranha Challenge

The Piranha P.666 v.Prototype (known as the Piranha II in Wipeout 64) is a ship featured in Wipeout 2097. It is the only secret craft in the game and, as such, it is the best one in the game statistically.


This prototype craft is the ultimate AG racer, perfect in every way. It is extremely fast, extremely agile, and has nearly impenetrable shield technology. No other craft in the F5000 League could stand up to this beast in a straight race. However, in order for it to exhibit such incredible speed and agility, Piranha had taken the drastic step of designing it without a weapons system, as it would have imbalanced the craft and reduced its aerodynamic capabilities. Despite such impressive stats, the P.666 is recommended for experts only, as the sheer speed and sharpness of the turning and airbrakes require very quick reactions and a solid knowledge of each track.

In Wipeout 64, the ship is renamed the Piranha II. It featured a split-nosed hull design, and is equipped with weapons technology. Still, it is the secret ship with all-perfect stats in the game, as its speed and maneuverability is as extraordinary as ever.


  • The "666" in its name refers to the "Number of the Beast" as described in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible.
  • Piranha's Swiftkiller series, which is featured in the F9000 League, possessed similar speed and agility to the P.666, but its shield technology and braking power weren't as strong.


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