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The Piranha Challenge (referred to in the main menu as Challenge II) is a game mode in Wipeout 2097. It is one of two arcade challenge modes that fill the place of Tournaments in the game. It is named after the secret team, Piranha.


The Piranha Challenge is unlocked after the player acquires a gold medal on Vostok Island and Spilskinanke, which also supersedes the Phantom Challenge. This challenge is an eight-race series where the player races on all eight tracks in Phantom class.

As in the Phantom Challenge, the first six tracks can give the player some trouble, as they have never raced them at this speed class. But after the player successfully completes these tracks, they can enter the last two tracks with some ease as they already know when to turn and what strategy to use.

Completing this challenge unlocks Phantom class for the six standard tracks, and Rapier class for Vostok Island and Spilskinanke, as well as the Piranha team.