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How to Unlock

Get at least PASS on the Altima Head-to-Head branch event in 2050 Season (Single Player Campaign)

The Pir-hana Speed is a ship featured in Wipeout 2048. It is the fastest ship in the game, with a perfect Speed rating. As such, it becomes a hotspot for use on Time Trials and Speed Laps.

Pir-hana's Prototype is based on this ship.


The pinnacle of speed engineering, the Pir-hana Speed variant is unparalleled among the standard classes, where it lacks in maneuverability, it really makes up for with raw power.


With an extremely high top speed, the Pir-hana Speed is an ideal choice for anyone intending to break lap records or Elite Pass some difficult events. This ship is also a popular choice for the more experienced players in online races. Keep in mind that this ship has problems with tight corners, like the ones on Rockway Stadium skillcuts. Avoid using it there, as you are prone to losing a very large amount of velocity to grinding walls. This is because this ship has a sub-par Handling rating. Do not attempt skillcuts using this ship too often, since skillcuts are difficult to go through as well. And for obivious reason, do not attempt to drive this ship before you have mastered airbrakes.


  • The Pir-hana Speed is one of the three ships unlocked by passing certain events in Single Player Campaign, the others being the Qirex Fighter and the AG Systems Agility.
  • There are two Head to Head challenges in the Single Player Campaign, where the opponent is always the Pir-hana Speed.
  • The final race in the 2050 Season is a race against seven Pir-hana Speed ships.
  • The ship never appears in 2048 and 2049, which implies the Pir-hana Speed was in development during those years.

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