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Pir-hana Prototype
Pirhana Prototype





Ship Type



  • Auto-Acceleration
  • Thin personality, but extremely poor in handling, only able to turn using airbrakes

How to Unlock

Reach Rank 50 and get at least PASS on Sol Time Trial Prototype Challenge

The Pir-hana Prototype is a ship featured in Wipeout 2048.


In order to gain extra speed, the chassis of this prototype has been thinned out to such an extreme that the pilot can barely breathe inside the cockpit. It is so thin, in fact that there isn't enough room for the standard steering rack, or acceleration module, requiring the pilot to rely solely on their airbrakes to steer and auto-accelerate. Any test pilot would be crazy to get anywhere near this thing.


Pir-hana keeps its reputation with the unbelievable speed, and so does the poor handling. So this prototype ship has rightly been designed to push that boundary even further. The Pir-hana Prototype is the fastest ship on the grid, able to reach speeds faster than the Pir-hana Speed, all the while automatically accelerating like a Zone ship. However, this is also the most ridiculous in cornering as steering like normal does very little to actually turn the ship, leaving airbrakes the only viable option for most corners. It's advised not to use this on the very technical tracks in A and A+ Class, unless you're feeling brave or a little bit reckless.


  • To unlock the Perfect Pir-hana trophy, it is recommended to set the Controls setting to the "Racer" control type. It's because holding the Airbrake button does not just make the ship steer fairly well, it also slows down the ship whenever they are activated to make them travel slower than normal.
  • The Pir-Hana prototype is capable of steering without the airbrakes, although it's just not very effective. It also seems to steer a little more sharply whenever the thumbstick is used instead of the D-Pad. However, this is likely due to thumbstick steering causing a ship's airbrakes to open slightly (this is most apparent on Agility-class ships).
  • A skilled enough pilot can actually get away with using this ship in Zone mode if they know how to properly apply the airbrakes. This ship is also good for getting used to using the airbrakes if you have stopped playing the game for a while.
  • The ship shares the same durability as the AG Systems Speed and the same firepower as the original Pir-hana Speed.

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