Phantom is a speed class that is featured in the Wipeout series, debuting in Wipeout 2097. Traditionally, it is the fastest speed class in the game, considerably faster than Rapier class.


Phantom Class


Phantom class was developed for the 2097 F5000 League season, bringing the sport to extraordinary speeds never before seen. Unfortunately, the speed was too much for the pilots, and the class was banned a few years later. The class returned in the F7200 League, but was more controllable.

Phantom class is the fastest, and the hardest class in most of the games. This class brings out the full power of an AG craft, reaching speeds of over 700 km/h. Pilots that can race at these speeds must be experts at craft control and have extensive knowledge of the tracks if he has any hope in finishing, let alone in first place.

Wipeout 2097Edit

This class must be unlocked first, by completing the Phantom Challenge. However, you will be only able to race on the master circuits (Vostok Island and Spilskinanke). Completing the Piranha Challenge will unlock this speed class for standard tracks. The race length in this class is 5 laps.

Wipeout 3Edit

This class must be unlocked first, by getting all 8 gold medals for one team on Rapier and winning the Rapier Tournament. Only experts are allowed to race in this class. The race length in this class is 5 laps.

Wipeout PureEdit

This class must be unlocked first, by winning the Rapier Ascension Tournament. Races in this class have 5 laps.

Wipeout Pulse and Wipeout HD/FuryEdit

Phantom is the fourth and last speed class available in these two games. This speed class should never be attempted unless the other classes are mastered. Races in this class typically have 5 laps. Ships in this class have a top speed of up to 793 km/h (493 mph).

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