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Outpost 7 is a race track located in the north of Finland. The track made its sole appearance in Wipeout Pulse as the final racetrack of the game.


Outpost 7 doesn't need any introduction. It is by far the toughest racetrack in Pulse, and it can be better recognizable by the two sharp hairpins after the start. At halfway through, there is a fast, but narrow bridge without walls above the main road. Going through it requires a lot of skills and guts. Watch out for the fast chicane at the end of the course!

The Black Run is essentially the same as the White Run. The only differences are the track is raced backwards (clockwise) and there are fewer speed pads after the hairpins.

Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

5.1 kilometres of track are surrounded by the supercooled servers and data centres of Outpost 7. Races bring vital funds into this communications hub at the top of Finland. Marvel at the ever-encroaching ice-nine and ride the narrow memorial bridge.

Black RunEdit

The sub-zero temperatures of Outpost 7 are offset like carbon emissions by the engine flares and rivalry that heat up this 5.1k Finnish circuit where dual V- turns square off against the satellite uplinks.


  • This track is much similar to the infamous Silverstream from the original Wipeout, as they're both the final racetracks of their respective games, they're set on a snowy landscape and are both really treacherous.
  • Unsuprisingly, this is one of few tracks where you can't race in Zone mode in Wipeout Pulse, the other ones being Metropia, The Amphiseum, Vertica and Gemini Dam.

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