No track
LocationAlaska, USA
Track MaterialUnknown

Orcus is a race track located in Alaska. The track made its sole appearance in Wipeout Pulse as downloadable content.


Set inside the dark Alaskan underworld, Orcus is very similar to Platinum Rush, but much faster. It may look like very easy at a first glance, but it's acutally very punishing. The White Run features a long straightaway with many chances to pull off successful barrel rolls in sequence but at the end of it, there is an heavily banked hairpin. The Black Run is 400m longer than the White Run, and features a very heavily banked straightaway without any Mag-Strip, therefore it is highly recommended to hit the various speed pads and balance the craft as much as possible for not falling down and losing precious seconds.

In-game descriptionEdit

White RunEdit

In the subterranean networks below Alaska, high ranking officials work in secret ambience waiting for the bomb to drop. Their only entertainment is the race, carrying its own threat level through 4.3k of permanent gloom. This is Orcus.

Black RunEdit

Four and a half kilometres of track run silent though the Orcus Centre For Catastrophe Prevention, as the weak air penetrates this underground locus where the track twists like peel in the code level amber lights.

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