Metro Park is a race track located in Nova State City. It only appears in Wipeout 2048.


Metro Park is one of the tracks that are mostly run on natural track materials. It's one of the beginner track with no sharp corners. Although sometimes, it may find this having tricks up it's sleeves. Watch out for Skillcuts, one can only be accessed with the Turbo, and the other that may lead you to drown if not navigating properly.

Skillcut LocationsEdit

  • Veer left-and-down inside the first tunnel.
  • Above the first jump. Higher speed classes or a turbo can reach it.
  • Veer left when inside the second park section (Caution: no barriers).


  • "Nova State City welcomes the A.G.R.C."
  • "Energy Barrier Tech keeps spectators safe"
  • "Debate - Barrel rolls in AG Race, Y or N"



  • This track appears to be based on Central Park.
  • There is one section in this track that might be shared with another track, Unity Square.
  • The ticker relating to a vote on barrel rolls helps with continuity, as barrel rolls were not featured in the original game. This points to the vote resulting in a No.

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