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Machaon II

New Machaon II

LocationSouth America
Track MaterialUnknown

Machaon II is a track that appears in Wipeout 64. This track is a mirrored variation of Gare d'Europa from Wipeout 2097.


In-game textEdit

"I used to design transmission pipes for Fat Fuel™. I believe Mr. Belmondo of the F5000 Race Commission had a Fat Fuel™ heat system installed and he thought the pipes looked really neat. He called me up that morning and asked me to design him a race track - I thought he was a psycho or something. But I did it anyway. Designed a real fast circuit and they went and built it over in South America. And with the money they paid me, I walked straight out of that dump of a Fat Fuel(TM) office and never went back." - Floyd Owen, concept designer of the Machaon II circuit


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