Klies Bridge

New Klies Bridge

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Klies Bridge is a track that appears in Wipeout 64. Set in a radar base in Greenland, this track is a variation of Talon's Reach from Wipeout 2097 in that Klies Bridge is Talon's Reach mirrored and given a straight Starting Grid.


As with its donor track, Klies Bridge is the easiest and possibly the best looking course in the game. This course has no really hard turns, though navigating the snow tunnel, where the left-right bus stop section of Talon's Reach is, can be tricky if you don't have the track memorized.

In-game textEdit

"It was a minor politician from Greenland who first suggested we build a track at the Klies Bridge radar base. We had to work in secrecy due to the site's sensitive nature, but it's popular with the pilots because it's short and fast. It's not great from a spectator's point of view though. Anyone approaching the compound is subject to rigorous skin sample degrafting. But it's a working radar base and that's what you have to expect. Plus, the magnetic disruption caused by the craft has resulted in wildlife mutation. I believe the penguins can no longer swim." - Grant Watson, Staff Architect of the F5000 Race Commission



  • Due to the game allowing you to leave the track at a particular height, you can cut a significant portion of the track by leaning up at the incline at the start of the lap and turn left. You should land in the snow tunnel.

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