John Dekka (2014 - unknown) was a pilot for AG Systems during the F3600 League. He was one of AG Systems' best test pilots during the early years, before he became the team's lead pilot in the F3600 League.


Always fascinated by UFOs and anti-gravity technology, John Dekka might be one of the few pilots that could have claimed his love didn't come from being born into the age of AG (anti-gravity). Coming into the world in 2014, a full four years before the government declassified the anti-gravity technology, Dekka dreamed of piloting an aircraft and entered the U.S. Air Force when he was 18. By the time he was 21, the first public showing of anti-gravity technology had occurred in Nevada and it quickly reinstated the program. He continued his training, but grew increasingly distracted by the anti-gravity buzz, running off to find one of these anti-gravity companies as soon as he could. Dekka quickly retired from his military career and now became an expatriate in Japan as he joined AG Systems. Here he became one of their top test pilots and later the team's lead pilot in the F3600 Racing League.