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Jann Shlaudecker (born 2138) was a pilot for Piranha during the F9000 League. He appears to be an intelligent pilot, and with teammate Myima Tsarong, contributed to Piranha's dominance during this period.

In-game DescriptionEdit

When Aries Piermont signed Jann Shlaudecker, he was mocked for putting an untried talent in the sublime Swiftkiller craft. However, his instincts appear to have been vindicated, as Shlaudecker has emerged as one of the most intelligent pilots on the circuit. He puts his rapid development down to his partnership with the mystical Myima Tsarong, and he has suggested he may move to Tibet for a while, " i can see some of this monk stuff for myself."


  • If you look closely, he is bald and has a tattoo of the Piranha F9000 logo on his forehead.

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