Flash is a speed class that is featured in the Wipeout series, debuting in Wipeout Pure. This class sits in between Venom and Rapier as the intermediate speed class.


Flash class


Introduced in the FX300 League, the Flash class was included to fill in the vast performance gap between the Venom and Rapier classes. As the intermediate speed class, this class is designed for those who have mastered the slower classes. This class is perfect for learning to control the ships at higher speed.

Wipeout PureEdit

This class must be unlocked first, by winning the Venom Ascension Tournament. Races in this class have 4 laps.

Wipeout Pulse and Wipeout HD/FuryEdit

Flash is the second speed class available in these two games. This speed class is suitable for intermediate players. Races in this class typically have 4 laps. Ships in this class have a top speed of up to 538 km/h (334 mph).

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