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FEISAR Prototype
Feisar Prototype





Ship Type



  • Starts off slower than other ships, but can permanently increase velocity after passing over Speed Pads
  • Will decrease speed after wall/weapon hits, and reset to slower speed at the start of every lap

How to Unlock

Reach Rank 10 and get at least PASS on the Empire Climb Race Prototype Challenge

The FEISAR Prototype is a ship featured in Wipeout 2048.


Experimenting with a fuel system which charges from speed pads, this FEISAR has a variable top speed. While starting off at a slower speed than the rest of the pack, the engine receives a charge from speed pads, providing a more permanent speed increase, exceeding the stated speed class of any race. Exactly what will happen at maximum velocity is still unknown at this stage. This charge system will reset on new laps and after heavy collisions.


This is probably one of the most sophisticated ships you've ever seen! It's all because while it starts off slower than the other ships, the FEISAR Prototype can outspeed the Pir-hana Speed, and even the Pir-hana Prototype at times when the meter is fully charged. As such, this ship is often considered a ship of choice for Time Trials and Speed Laps where most players who use this ship get faster times and make it to the Top 10 leaderboards. You can also attempt to make your own records with this ship, just do this on the less technical tracks.

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