No track
LocationPacific Ocean
Track MaterialUnknown

Edgewinter is a race track located on a floating metropolis in the Pacific Ocean, last seen nearby the Midway Atoll. The track made its sole appearance in Wipeout Pulse as downloadable content.


Edgewinter is basically an easier version of Fort Gale. It has a stormy venue and has only a few sharp corners. It is generally very fast, with a small mag-strip section at the end where the road narrows and turns back to normal size for a few times. The Black Run is the same track, but raced backwards (anti-clockwise).

Wipeout PulseEdit

White RunEdit

This 5 click racetrack snakes around the transit system and commercial district of the densely packed metropolis of Edgewinter, a floating island city in the Pacific currently caught in the middle of a tropical storm

Black RunEdit

When the rain never stops, Edgewinter keeps going. Last seen near the Midway Atoll, this 5.3k track endures beyond its central high-speed straight, eagerly twisting and undulating itself to accommodate the city.

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