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New Dyroness

LocationUnknown city
Track MaterialUnknown

Dyroness is a track that appears in Wipeout 64. This track is a variation of Karbonis V from Wipeout in that this track is a mirrored version of Karbonis with a longer start grid to accommodate the 15 craft in the race,along with a pit lane.


In-game textEdit

"Welcome to Dyroness, another word for efficiently produced hydro-electric power. Electricity has never been so important, whether for powering a child's toy robot, an elderly citizen's electric carving knife, or light and heat for an entire nation. It's something we all rely on, and nowhere is it produced in finer surroundings than at Dyroness. Our hydro-electric complex also houses the Dyroness F5000 anti-gravity circuit, a rolling, sweeping masterpiece of engineering which brings us to the attention of millions of Datacast viewers each year. Other hydro-electric complexes might make more electricity than us, but none of them do it with the style of Dyroness!" - Introduction to the Power Up Dyroness! visitor infomation brochure


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