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Curly is the starting announcer from Wipeout 3. It is the only Wipeout game in which she appears as an announcer. Unlike the previous announcers, Curly does have a 2D animation on large screens.

Appearance Edit

Curly, as she appears in the screen animations, is a two-dimensional humanoid. Her head is an oval with two dots in it, representing her eyes, and two cross extensions on the upper sides that look like pigtails. Her body consists of two arms and two legs, with her right hand prepresented by a registered trademark sign.

The Curly announcer screens stand at the start of the race, in groups of two or three. As soon as Curly has finished counting, she will permanently say "GO!" while blinking. Curly is usually blue, but she changes color while counting (red) and while saying "GO!" (green).

Curly is also displayed on the chopper box which catches you if you fall off the track, as well as during a small cut-scene upon gaining at least one gold medal on all tracks (either original game or Special Edition tracks) with all craft in single race mode.

Trivia Edit

  • Curly also appears a few times in Wipeout 2097, in Odessa Keys and in the intro sequence (along with Angryman).
  • A Curly screen can be seen on a building in Stanza Inter, for an unknown reason.

Gallery Edit

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