Auricom T-808
Auricom T-808
Auricom T-808 Series 1





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How to Unlock

Beat the Franco Gonzalez Challenge

The Auricom T-808 is a series of AG racing ships featured in Wipeout Fusion.


Good weapon and shield technology make these ships excellent for combat pilots. Challenging to manoeuvre due to high density frames.

Technical DataEdit

Engine Technology: Pulse Trustmaster VII
Stabilizers: Tractor-4 by Tractor Science Group (UK)
Braking System: Xion Reverce-shunt Braking by Airflow Systems
Weapon Control: Cygnus VII by A-Com Weapon Control Systems (South Africa)
Shield Control: SureGuard by Sure Systems (USA)

Performance SpecificationEdit

Top Speed: 1199km/h (745mph)
Acceleration (0-400km/h): 2.8s
Mass: 3497kg (7710lbs)
Lateral Stability: 9%
Weapon Power: 67gsu
Shield Power: 64gsu
Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.6x5.2x2.6m


Now as they believe themselves as the only defenders of Pierre Belmondo's ideals, the American team have produced a significantly heavier craft, intending to "rip apart anyone who betrayed Belmondo's ideals". This weight comes from the increased shielding and one of the most powerful weapons systems on the circuit, whilst maintaining the speed and handling of its predeccessor.

But with these changes, along with its reduced acceleration, it may seem the next logical step to take after racing with the G-Tech REVVER. In fact, Pascale Rouser's modifying limits are the same as that of Roberto Sergio's. So, a fairly mid-range craft then.

Pascale Rouser's craft top speed, brake force and stablility can be modified one level higher than her teammate's.


  • It is one of two ships in the game to feature weapon control hardware from A-Com Weapon Control Systems, the other being the Van-Über ZR-320.


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