Altima is a race track appearing only in Wipeout 2048.


Altima is the final track you're racing in the Campaign. Altima is one of the most difficult tracks ever built due to its mixture of switchbacks and terrains. Expect to go airborne for a long time as you jump off and down along the deep steep slope.

Skillcut LocationsEdit

  • The first one can be found after the main straight, at the left of the second corner. It might be hard to find at first, but it's a key barrel roll jump to beat Zico.
  • There are two on the big jump: one can be done at high-speed classes with lightweight crafts, while the other one forces you to use a turbo.
  • The last is in the tunnel before the finish. Head straight rather than turn left. This cuts the hairpin right you would normally negociate.


  • "Mag-Strip failure safety concerns"
  • "Will Pir-hana quit the sport?"
  • "Altima welcomes high speed drivers"
  • "The A.G.R.C. leaves Nova State City"
  • "Newsflash - first human-robot marriage!"
  • "Newspeak becomes the official language"
  • "Astro-tourists, go to Mars for $2 billion"



  • The trackside news reels refer to some rumors that help enforce the game's continuity to the rest of the series. One reel states that Pir-hana may leave AG racing, which justifies their absence from Wipeout and "re-introduction" in Wipeout 2097. Another states that the Mag-Strip is suffering reliability problems and would be banned (Mag-Strip was introduced in Wipeout Pulse).
  • This is probably the only track in the entire game not to be set in Nova State City. Instead, it seems to be held somewhere in Canada, where it would later evolve into Altima VII (albeit removing its shortcuts from the map).
  • One trackside news reel announces that "Newspeak" has become the official language of Nova State City in the year 2050, the year of Project Altima's completion. Newspeak itself is a reference to the official language of Oceania in George Orwell's novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  • A particular news reel in Altima explains that "Astro-tourists" have visited Mars. This is foreshadowing to the construction of Firestar, which was built on Mars in 2052.

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