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AG Systems Prototype
Agsystems Prototype





Ship Type



  • Incredibly sharp handling
  • Able to Combat Spin during Races
  • Able to execute a double Barrel Roll
  • Extended Sideshift

How to Unlock

Reach Rank 26 and get at least PASS on Rockway Stadium Race Prototype Challenge

The AG Systems Prototype is a ship featured in Wipeout 2048.


Channeling engine power from standard thrust into the airbrakes has created a machine that can spin faster than it can accelerate. Benefiting from double Barrel Rolls, extended Sideshifts, and being able to 'Combat Spin' in Races, makes this ship extremely unpredictable for the competition. No telling what the extreme changes in direction will do to the pilot, but rumor is that team AG Systems got through a large number of test pilots for this prototype.


You won't believe what this thing can do! The AG Systems Prototype is so agile that it's able to perform any difficult maneuver that no other ship could. Even better, it has a super tight handling that no corner would mess with, which means this ship is a very recommendable ship for Zone mode. That's a plus, but there is a teensy yet troublesome problem – this ship has a really weak lifespan. One hit from a Plasma will lead this ship to an ugly danger, if not an outright elimination! Drive this ship at your own risk!

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